2016 Israel Advocacy Gala

Hasbara Fellowships Canada is an important cornerstone of Jewish Advocacy throughout Canada.

Unique and essential, this is THE Jewish Advocacy program that trains the brightest and the best young advocacy leaders and teaches them to become outstanding AMBASSADORS FOR ISRAEL, by educating them IN Israel for 16 days.

Here they learn intensively about Israel and Judaism; they experience Israel’s dynamics, “up close and personal”, about her problems and her opportunities, her uniqueness and her challenges and they learn from and interact with her people and her leaders.
They learn about their rights as Jews- and most important, how to defend these rights and the rights of Israel.

When they return to Canada, they are responsible for educating and informing fellow students about Israel and teaching students how to defend both Israel and the Jewish people from anti-Israel and antisemitic bias.

They do so with extraordinary guidance, and leadership from committed and dynamic leaders such as Robert Walker and Ariella Daniels.

Hasbara Fellowships Canada now has over 700 alumni, many of whom continue to improve the lives and opportunities of Jewish students fighting anti-Israel and antisemitic initiatives.

Hasbara Fellowships Canada is a program of AISH TORONTO whose mission is “to Empower Jews to Better the Jewish World”.

In today’s climate of anti-Semitism, B.D.S., anti-Israel bullying and assimilation, AISH’s strategy is to assist and train those who want to safeguard and support Jewish identity, continuity and Israel’s right to exist.

Hasbara Fellowships Canada is a leader in this endeavour.

YOU have the opportunity NOW to help them achieve their goals!