Honouring: Rabbi Mitch and Rebbetzin Leora Mandel


Mandels Picture

Rabbi Mitch and Leora Mandel are one of the founding couples of Aish Toronto, which started in 1981. Rabbi Mandel received his Rabbinic Ordination from the Aish HaTorah College of Jewish Studies, Jerusalem. Rabbi Mandel was the director of The Basics – the Outreach Program of Aish HaTorah Jerusalem located in the Old City of Jerusalem. Rabbi Mandel has lectured across North America on the beauty, power and relevance of the Jewish Heritage. He is the former Director of Outreach for Aish Toronto, the former Rabbi of the Aish Thornhill Shul and is presently the Executive Director of Aish Toronto.


Leora Mandel is a graduate of the Bnot Torah Seminary in Jerusalem. Besides her full time responsibility as a mother of 6, Leora has dedicated her life to sharing and promoting Jewish values and practice. Leora has been a counselor to countless Jews seeking a greater understanding of Jewish tradition. Over the years Leora has developed and run programs for Aish Toronto and the Aish Thornhill Community Shul; including being the Co-Chair for ACTS annual Tribute Banquet. She is a former President of the ATCS Sisterhood and provides a Kosher Your Home service for the Toronto Jewish community.


Rabbi Mitch and Leora are known for their warm, caring and non-judgmental approach to sharing Judaism. Their 40 years dedication to instilling pride and Jewish identity to Jews of all backgrounds is an outstanding example of people who care about the Jewish people and Israel.