Matthew Chin

York University

Matthew is a student at York University in Toronto, Canada. He’s currently in his 2nd year studying Political Science and is also the VP for Communications Media for Hasbara at York. In Matthew’s first year at York he saw first hand how hostile anti-Israel propaganda was on his campus and it pushed him to join a family that shared the same passion for Israel as he did. Matthew joined Hasbara in his very first year and became an executive member not too long after. After experiencing Hasbara Fellowships, Matthew is relentless in his desire to muster change on his campus., and the confidence and academia he gained from his time in Israel has pushed him to become a better advocate who truly values education and dialogue when it comes to the most awe-inspiring nation in the world; Israel.

“I’m eager to meet like-minded students who share the same values and love for Israel as I do, and to also build bonds with them knowing we all face similar struggles on our individual campuses. I’m also ecstatic to get the opportunity to meet prominent Israel activists and those who are knowledgeable of history and political thought. Most importantly, what I’d like to get out of this trip is a better understanding of how to make activism on my campus effective and attractive to my peers. Being accepted into Hasbara Fellowships is only the beginning of where my activism will take me and I am proud to carry on the legacy, the power, and beauty of the Zionist movement from Israel to my university and beyond.”