Robert and Shauna Walker



Robert Walker is National Director for Hasbara Fellowships Canada as well as a Hasbara Fellowships alumni from his time as a student at the University of Ottawa. Today, Robert works closely with Ariella Daniels, Canadian Campus Advisor, as well as students from across the country in helping to build ambassadors for Israel on campuses. Before working for Hasbara Fellowships Canada, Robert helped organize – in many cases with the Ziner-Cohen family – large pro-Israel programs in Toronto. Robert is also a former Director of Communications at Israel’s embassy in Ottawa.

Shauna Walker is a PhD student at York University and a bedrock of support for Hasbara Fellowships Canada and pro-Israel advocacy on campus. She is a regular lecturer in Jewish ethics at the Village Shul and is an active volunteer for Hasbara Fellowships Canada, but perhaps the best example of her dedication to Israel advocacy is her enthusiasm in encouraging Robert to work for Hasbara Fellowships Canada, despite the extensive travel which would require her to balance her studies and taking care of two children at home. In her words, “Israel and the Jewish people are too important not to make sacrifices to make them safer.”