Vivienne Ziner and Glenmorris Cohen, Eton, Tiphaera and Jon-Jaedon Ziner-Cohen


For the Ziner-Cohen clan, Israel advocacy is truly a family affair. Glen and Vivienne, the patriarch and matriarch, and their three children, Jon-Jaedon, Tiphaera, and Eton, are each deeply committed to not only defending, but advocating energetically for Israel and the Jewish people.

Vivienne and Glen aren’t just husband and wife – they are partners in fighting for Israel. Through their energy, time, resources and contacts, a day does not go by when they are spending their time helping the Jewish people and their friends around the world.

And their children are no different. Jon-Jaedon just began studies at Queen’s University, where barely into his first year, he is already involved with campus pro-Israel activism. Tiphaera, at school at St. Andrew’s in Scotland, is a de facto spokeswoman for Israel and Jewish issues, and son Eton at McGill University is a Hasbara Fellow and a key leader on his campus’ pro-Israel scene.